Monday, December 27, 2010

A Doggies’ Choice Healthy Lifestyle

Dogs are considered man's, or to be inclusively speaking, human's best friend. If that's the case, dogs should be given amount of care and responsibility that should not be taken for granted. Because having a pet is not just for their welfare but also for our own care too. Owning a pet also comes with risks and responsibility. There may be dangers that not only affect our pets but also us humans. Taking care of pets may also reflect how we take care of ourselves too. This is where Doggies' Choice fit in the picture.

Pets like dogs and cats are risky when it comes to mange (Galis) infestations. Mange is caused by parasitic mites that embed themselves in hair follicles or skin depending on their type. My friend's cat died because of mange and it doesn't even goes out of the house till it had a check up with the veterinarian. Mange does not only affects pets but also the human owners. Doggies' Choice offers their anti-mange shampoo and soap.

Besides this, Doggies's Choice also offers other products for our pets and its surroundings. The shampoo is ideal for long haired types. The powdered products are ideal for pets in between baths. The soap products has sulfur that takes care of the pets' skin just like to us humans. What's original about Doggies' Choice is Madre de Cacao. It has been used to help prevent skin irritations and it's an original Pinoy product.  Can also be used for cats on smaller dosages and it is BFAD approved. Doggies' Choice assures that their products are in low toxicity. Available in supermarkets, drugstores, and pet shops. For updates and more info, like Doggies' Choice on Facebook.

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