Monday, December 20, 2010

PLDT launches Telpad

Last Monday December 13, 2010 at SMX Convention Center, I was invited to witness the launch of PLDT’s new product: The PLDT Telpad. The Telpad is a LAN line unit with a handset like a regular LAN phone that is also a base charger for a 7-inch screen tablet computer. The screen tablet runs on Android’s latest operating system version 2.2
The PLDT executives during the Telpad launch

After the product briefing by Mr. Patrick Tang of PLDT, I was given a product demonstration by Monique, one of the ladies with a Telpad and allowed me to use it to find out for myself how the Telpad works.
PLDT girl Monique with the Telpad

The Telpad will revolutionize the way we use our LAN lines. Not only it still functions as a LAN line phone, it also has internet connection using the screen tablet. You can dial a phone number the traditional way or using the screen tablet. You can still hook it up to your PC or laptop.

What’s great about this new device is that you can surf the internet even if you don’t have a computer. Not only that it has internet, you can also bring it anywhere. You can still hook it up to your PC or laptop. Besides that, it also has various applications that fit your lifestyle.

You can also view your favorite movies, check your bills, get updated with the news and much, much more with the new PLDT Telpad. The initial Telpad services starts at Plan 1849. If you are a current PLDT myDSL subscriber, you only need to upgrade for P500/month. For other information about Telpad, go to the Telpad webpage or at the Telpad Facebook page


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