Friday, December 31, 2010

The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo book launch

The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo by Luciano P.R. Santiago
When we think of pioneers of Philippine art, the names Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo comes to mind. But in the early 1800s, there was already another Filipino making a name for himself before Luna or Hidalgo. His name was Damian Domingo. Damian Domingo was an acclaimed portraitist and was commissioned by government officials who carried his works to Spain. Little is known about this Filipino master. Only few of his paintings survived. At first, he was mistaken for a Spanish mestizo or full-blooded Spaniard because of his respected position as director of the first Philippine art academy. It was only over the past two decades that new information that shed light about Domingo's life.
Damian Domingo

Researcher and author Luciano P.R. Santiago spent years combing through archives and records, where he found the artist's last will and testament, revealing that he was actually a Chinese mestizo.All this information and contemporaries, artwork and more is included in the book, The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo. The book was launched last December 9, 2010 at Ayala Museum and is published by Vibal Foundation. The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo is also part of Vibal's Arte Filipino art series. For e-books, orders, and other information, you can also check Vibal Foundation website. The book is in hardcover and it costs PhP2900.00 or $68.00.

Author Luciano P.R. Santiago

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