Sunday, December 19, 2010

OMT! is for OMyTxt!

The Philippines has the most Short Message Service(SMS) users in the world that is why it became the texting capital of the world. Texting is already considered a part of Philippine culture. Filipinos from all walks of life has and uses a mobile phone.

Filipinos knows how to make new innovations and in texting is no exception. Thus, OMyTxt! is born. It is an online texting service that can transmit messages from your computer to mobile phone. Martin Nery, president of True North Communication Solutions Corp. and Gilbert Paras, director, was both working in their respective major communications companies before they set up on their own. Also present was, Blue De Venecia of Globe. I was able to ask him about Globe's stand about omytxt!. Blue De Venecia said that Globe encourages services like this because they see its potential to its subscribers.

During my informal interaction with Mr. Gilbert Paras, he oriented me that OMyTxt! is still a week old and it's in Beta stage. It is an online based SMS that can send messages from your computer to mobile phones. I was privileged to be among the first to find out about OMyTxt!. Mr. Martin Nery said this service will benefit all Filipinos especially the OFWs(Overseas Filipino Workers) since they bring the money to the country so it seems benefitting to them that this service will be available to make communication to their love ones more frequent. The financial crisis also was one of the factors the lead to the birth of omytxt!.

It is easy to register. For now, only Globe subscribers can register to omytxt! Upon completing registration, you will activate your account from your registered e-mail address for verification. No need to download or install. It is entirely web based. From there, you may send messages for only PhP 0.25 per message and 0.50 for each reply. The receiver of the message needs not to reply back so the sender can send another message. The account will not be interrupted from sending another message. You can only send messages to your contacts that are listed at omytxt!. You can choose an option to send messages to your contacts individually or to all. If your contact also has an online omytxt! account but cannot reply because he/she may not have credits, you can choose to give credits by sending a TxtBack! It's similar to passing cellphone loads.

For a limited time only, each successfully added mobile contact, you will be rewarded with free credits. Buying credits can be done via omytxt! website using credit card via Paypal or bank account. Since internet savvy users have the ability to multitask, this another feature of OMyTxt! is for you. You can update your Facebook Wall while you are logged on to omytxt!. Because social networking is a trend, it seems fitting to take advantage of this option because there are many Facebook users will find it useful. You can also chat with your mobile or PC contacts. I look forward to the time when it will also be available to other mobile network subscribers so I can send messages to them.


  1. so it's really free? as long as you have internet service? no hidden charges?

  2. No, naufej,it's not free. I mentioned in the second to the last paragraph that there are charges. But what is good about it that it's cheaper than the usual charges when I was trying it out.