Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the L.E.N.S. Blogger

 When I first started this blog, it was about my memoirs, journals, random thoughts etc. My account in Blogger was created before that because my I need to pass my school requirements online to a Blogger site. It was only after that class that I use it to make a blogsite at Blogger. I never realize that I will do some event bloggings and more. Regardless how complicated the Blogging community now, I did not regret being part of it. So, in celebrating Christmas, I wish to write my thoughts about it. 

Our Christmas now is more commercialized than what it should be. Sometimes, we forget the reason for the season. The birth of the messiah was nothing like that. Sometimes, we take it for granted. The Americans who introduced us Filipinos to Santa Clause sometimes dominates Christmas. Knowing that the Americans are predominantly Protestants are also guilty of this. There was nothing really special about Dec. 25. It was just the closes date the Biblical scholars came to calculate which happens to be the same birthdate of the Roman Sun god. No matter how we celebrate it, let us be reminded why we are celebrating Christmas. We don't need to spend for it. We just need it to be simple. Even the Grinch and the people of Whoville found out that Christmas is not about gifts and decorations. FYI, Xmas is not the shortened word for Christmas nor it means the absence of Christ. On the contrary, X is the first Greek letter look like as translated to Christ. 

For the blog news, starting January 1st, 2011, I will be creating a new blogs for specific posts. For the movies:  and for food. I hope that as early as now, you can add yourselves as followers. More contests soon for followers and readers. Thanks to you all and have a blessed Xmas to all.

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