Friday, December 17, 2010

Movie Review of Tron Legacy

Things you should know before watching Tron Legacy:
Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in Tron(1982)

In 1982, Walt Disney Pictures made a ground breaking movie that uses computer generated imagery or CGI almost in every scene. That movie was Tron. Kevin Flynn, brilliant software engineer, was the main character of the 1982 movie and works for ENCOM, a software company. But Ed Dillinger, his co-corker stole Flynn's work and claimed it for his own. Flynn got fired and run a video game arcade.

Flynn wants payback by hacking into ENCOM's mainframe with the help of his loyal friends, Alan Bradley and Dr. Lora Baines, to expose Dillinger. Dillinger made a computer program called Master Control program or MCP that blocks anyone who tries get inside the mainframe.

Flynn decided that his only option is to digitize himself and enter the computer himself and hacked from the inside. In this cyber-world, Flynn discovers programs appears like people and have their own civilization and consider us humans as "users"

Synopsis:Sam Flynn was haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin Flynn. He investigates a strange signal sent from Flynn's old arcade and finds himself pulled in the same digital world Kevin Flynn went into.

For almost 28 years, fans of the first Tron movie was expecting a sequel but it was never materialized. Tron Legacy is a sequel but not a continuation from the first movie. So, it can be watched even if you haven't seen the first one though it has flashbacks lines in the movie. If you were able to get a copy of the first Tron movie, I suggest you watch it first before Tron Legacy. The reason for this is for you to have a firm understanding of the movie and so you will enjoy the effects of the first movie from it's progression to the Tron Legacy. It is best watched with 3D or IMAX. Tron Legacy opens today in all cinemas. Tron Legacy is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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