Sunday, February 23, 2014

The First Sea Fair 2014 Day 3 Highlights

Even I live near the bayside, I never got the chance to see the opening of the event even though I featured the launch couple of months ago. I passed by the parking lot near the Harbor Square where the event is before watching a stage play at CCP which is just across.

I was told I missed a lot during the opening but I can still make it the following day for the Dragon Boat race. It was a good thing for me, I always jog around the area in the morning because it is not far from where I live. Each time I jog in the area, there is always dragon boat teams who come to do their practices.

The next morning, I went to the event after jogging. I got to see my mom's friend from church who happens to be part of one of the dragon boat team competing. Teams are already waiting for the race to start while doing their stretches.

There are three categories: Men's, Women's,and the Mixed Categories. What I admire about dragon boat that it is a traditional and ancient sport that is recognized worldwide. This is the best team sport that really is very coordinated because each team member needs to be on the same phasing as the other members. Besides the dragon boat, there is also a sailing competition in two categories:Children and adult categories. I was surprised that children can compete as young as ten. The children are in white sails while the adults in red.

After the race, I was invited to see one of the available yachts after securing permission from the owner. The organizers wanted me to have idea what kind of lifestyle yacht owners has and how expensive can it really be. The yacht I boarded has a two living quarters: one main bedroom with a bathroom and one with a double deck, equipped with a kitchen, dining area and a relaxing areas at the bow and stern. The stern is also designated for fishing. You can actually live in that boat and it costs 18M. Not to mention it needs to be run by at least three members of the crew as I was told by the yacht captain.

Like I said in my previous post about the launch, this event/expo has the specific target audience/market. Those who are into this kind of lifestyle and can afford it. I may not afford it but I get to have a shot at it. Sea Fair 2014 is only until Sunday February 23. For more events coverage, visit and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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