Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vanity...My Favorite Sin

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This line was from the movie, The Devil's Advocate. It shows the charisma of Al Pacino's character as the Fallen One and he was quite convincing. I use this line as a punchline just to make people laugh. I admit vanity is one deadly sin I am guilty of but I never boast.

There are many people who are also guilty of this and boasts like the politicians but that is understandable because it is their job to convince people that they are doing something even though most are trying hard to. Even among Christians are sometimes guilty of this.

Yesterday, my sister and cousin along with their respective daughters went to a resort in Binangonan to chill out. They only commuted along the way via LRT lines 1 and 2 and took a jeep to Sta. Lucia were a shuttle was designated to bring them there.

Another cousin commented on my cousin's photo album that she already been there. My cousin who is currently there replied that it is just too far because both of them are Manila residents. The cousin who commented responded, "Did you just commuted? It is nearer if you have a car". It was obvious that other cousin was boasting because she knew that they don't own a car. Besides, I don't think that having a private vehicle will make a difference in the distance of the destination.

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