Friday, February 28, 2014

COCK(Stage Performance by Red Turnip) review

Despite the title, the story is not about a specific body part but how complicated relationship is. The story revolves around John, who lives with his gay partner when something unexpected happened when he fell in love with a woman.

The play was done in a non-traditional manner. Instead of the traditional theater set up, the staging was done in a more engaging manner. There is no stage in front instead we see a curved fence on the four corners resembling a cock pit on a center where the audience is watching on bleachers on each side surrounding the cock pit.

What makes it more effective to watch is that you are engaging in the situation not just an observer but also you can see yourself in the characters and you can side with whomever you can relate to. That's the best part. 

Besides John, the other characters are nameless and can be identified by the audience as M(Man: John's partner), W(Woman), and F(Father of M). In this manner, the audience can place himself or herself in the characters shoes which the author of the play intended.

Although the content of the dialogue is for mature audiences, there is no nudity in the duration of the play. It may appear graphic but it was done in an artistic manner. The play started last Thursday February 27. For a limited time only, catch it at White Space in Makati.

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