Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kinetic Advantage: Pushing the limits of OOH Media

Is out-of-home the new TV?  Well the answer could lead to yes according to Rowell Santiago, Insights Director at Kinetic Worldwide Philippines, a global out-of-home media agency. 

“Given the amount of time consumers are spending out of their homes and the continuously changing urban landscape providing new venues for them to spend time in, whether for leisure or work, it has indeed changed the game on how brands can be more receptive to their target audiences,” he said.

In Metro Manila, out-of-home media has proliferated over the years despite the increasing demand to regulate the medium and the imposition of stricter guidelines around it. This popularity is evident as brands compete for space across the metropolis. However, the question still lingers on how effective the medium is, in terms of generating awareness and capturing the right audiences.

Just recently Kinetic Worldwide in collaboration with TNS Philippines, a leading global market research firm launched a pioneering research study in the country known as “Kinetic Advantage”. 

The study which reveals fresh insights on out-of-home media by looking at the consumer journey of consumers across Metro Manila was formally launched recently at Special Exhibition Hall of The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City.  The event was attended mainly by marketing leaders from various industry sectors, media agencies and media vendors. 

Highlighting this event was the presentation of how “Kinetic Advantage” enhances out-of-home media planning and buying by providing a more reliable set of information on how consumers move, who they are, and how specific out-of-home formats and initiatives are influencing their level of awareness. 

It is interesting to know as well that the study revealed that out-of-home is 2nd to TV as the source of ad awareness for most consumers, opening the doors for brands to consider even more the reach and effectiveness of the medium. 

With this new tool at hand, Kinetic Worldwide underscored the importance of insight development in out-of-home communications planning to stay ahead of the curve not just by knowing where to advertise but also who to influence with more precision.

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