Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TAYO Awards 2014

During my college years, I was very active in social functions not because I was an elected student council officer but it is nice to make a difference in the society even if you are still young. The only problem is the school may or may not approve the project for lack of budget.
The Award Winning Youth Groups with Sen. Bam Aquino(7th from the right)

Which is why Coca Cola Phils. supports their partnership with TAYO( Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations) Awards to give these potential projects a consideration to achieve their plans. These groups are not only represents their schools but also their campus organizations.

TAYO is the only award giving body for this specific purpose. The group submits their proposal and when TAYO recognizes the potential and relevance of the project, they will give them the support to make it happen.

After the project is implemented, it will be observed how the project made an impact on the society, the immediate environment,etc. I got a chance to chat with one of the project leaders and I am quite impressed with the activism and dedication of the project and the idea that they conceptualized. Senator Bam Aquino was present because he himself was an active youth organizer before he ran into politics and he shared his insights about his experiences.

I first created this blog to document my own advocacy. Now, it is instrumental to promote other advocacy. For more updates about the TAYO Awards, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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