Sunday, February 2, 2014

Josh Logan's Red at CCP

What do you see? This is the usual question when you see an abstract painting. It is also the same question being ask by psychiatrist when he/she is conducting the Rorschach test better known as the inkblot test.

The play is a 2-person act about a real-life impressionist Mark Rothko played by Bart Guingona. The story has two characters for the whole duration of the production and it only happened in one place: Rothko's studio.

It deals with how people perceives the world and interpret it. You may see it as color red but other people may give a different perception. The relationship of Rothko and his fictional opposite is more like a master and apprentice.

In the old days, the best way to succeed and learn is from experience with a mentor to guide just like Rothko did with his apprentice. Actors' Actor is the company that brought you this production. Inquire at CCP for the playdates.

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