Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SeaFair 2014 Media Launch

If you are a Manila resident like me, you probably jog at CCP and notice the yachts of different shapes and sizes that are docked at Manila Yacht Club. This is an expensive lifestyle not because it's luxurious but it has many expenses like docking fees, fuel, and crew.

But there is a fascination of the sea that all walks of life cannot ignore. Every summer, people go to beaches and resorts and engages in any water activity. There is more advantage in traveling by water because not all areas have airstrips for planes to land on.

Starting February 2014, Manila will host the first ever SeaFair 2014. It will set on the CCP terminal bay parking area were different booths will showcased the marine life businesses and will demonstrate the different ways and themes for a yacht parties.

On this aspect, it will also help boost the different tourist destinations that offers seafaring activities. It will also help boost businesses in relation to marine lifestyle. This event is for specific audience because not all may not be target market for the event. You may find the event very exclusive as it narrow down right audience.

Sea Fair 2014 will be on February 20 - 23. Watch out for more updates about SeaFair 2014 by following this blog or like the Facebook page.

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