Monday, December 2, 2013

Project Headshot Clinic 2013

December 1 is World AIDS Day. In support of the event, Project Headshot Clinic was born. I had my first Headshot photo four years ago. Photographer Niccolo Cosme initiated this unique campaign for his friend who got HIV positive.
My headshot courtesy of PHC 2013

On it's sixth year, I am once again participating for the second time. As update, Manila is not the only one who's having Project Headshot Clinic but it's going global. There's also Headshot Clinic in Kuwait and Paris. 

Project Headshot Clinic is not just a photoshoot. It's also a cause to orient people about HIV and AIDS. Most misunderstood the disease and sometime causes fear rather than awareness. As a commitment like last time, I will take the HIV test. Because of the lack of space, I will have it in a laboratory within my vicinity as arranged.

Having a Headshot photoshoot is one thing but part of being its advocate is to set an example yourself. You can't encourage someone to take the test if you yourself haven't took it. So others will not be afraid and follow suit. Most are fearful about AIDS and HIV but the real danger is misinterpretation.

To know more about Project: Headshot Clinic, visit their website:

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