Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rise Up and Rebuild

The world is affected by what happened to those ravaged by the storm Yolanda and the earthquake victims and everyone is doing their part to help whether big or small. The world may not be the same again after what happened.

Although giving relief is OK but it is not enough to make their lives back to normal. They not only need food but the other basic needs. One of those basic need is a home. Coca Cola Phils. in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Phils. are starting up an plan to make it happen.

But Coca Cola and Habitat can't do it on their own. They also need supplies and volunteers. This is where you come in. You can do your part either donating or volunteer. The houses needs sponsors for the affected families. You can donate money for supplies or sponsor the whole house.

You can also volunteer and work along the victims to build their house. You can also do both. Watch the video above. I am seeing this now in a biblical sense. I recall the account of Nehemiah during the exile when he felt the urge to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls. His powerful words were
"Let's rise up and build".

I am seeing this in that same manner and I am sure that there's a call to rebuild their homes. It's either you be part of history or just sit there and watch. For more updates, follow this blog or like the Facebook page and spread the word. #RebuildPh

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