Friday, April 23, 2010

Weee! SM Supermalls launches Winema

Movie watching won't be the same again as SM unveils Winema, a new innovation on watching a movie interactively. I was privilege to get invited for this opportunity to be among the first last night(April 22, 2010).

We were first oriented how the interactive cinema works.  We were also instructed as we going to participate. A game will be loaded on the screen and the sensor in front will notice the movements of the audience's arms as it wave to the designated direction. The seats are also designed for the viewer to receive the intensity of the movie as it vibrates. This is something to look forward to since Iron Man 2 will be showing soon.

See how it goes. Note:Pardon the clarity of the picture below. We were not allowed to use  flash while the game is on because it might disrupt the sensor.

The press launch was hosted by SM's Sharon Yu

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