Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dragonica,the newest online game by E-games

E-Games is bringing Dragonica, the newest online RPG is now in the hitting the online gaming scene here in the Philippines. Dragonica is an online RPG game that has 8-way side scrolling in full 3D. You have a choice to choose your type of character from swordsman, mage, thief or archer. You can upgrade your character points by simply engaging in battles with fighting techniques or combos ala Streetfighter(shown on the left). The characters are also designed in a super-deformed size but were voiced normal like in FF9.

 You can also engage in battling your co-players in a versus battle(Shown on the right). What great about this is you can use your game pad for better control.

You can also interact with players as well in the simulated community to socialize. You also have an option ask a player for a date. You can also design a home and have an option to sell it.

               You can also have a pet and train it for your battles as your ally.

Dragonica will be launched on Domination IV at SMX Center on April 10. Feel free to drop by to know more about Dragonica. Can't spoil you yet about the story so you can experience it for yourself.

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