Thursday, April 8, 2010

TV Review: FlashForward(Two episode Premiere)

Spoiler Alert!

FlashForward is the latest hit US TV series from FOX, the world’s #1 US series channel. The series’ plot centers around an eerie, chaotic vision of the future after a mysterious event makes everyone on Earth lose consciousness for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Soon after, the whole world changes because people had a glimpse of their lives six months in the future during their brief blackout. A team of FBI dedicates its time in figuring out the mystery behind the global “flash forward.” Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love and John Cho from Star Trek(2009) lead FlashForward’s outstanding cast. With its high ratings and positive reviews from the international press, FlashForward is the must-see series of 2010.Catch it every Monday at Fox Channel,Sky Cable channel 50.

Review:I described the series as intense and gripping. I got hooked after watching it on it's first two episodes. The series was co-created for television by Brannon Braga known for his work on Star Trek TV franchise. The "black out experience" reminds me of the rapture described in the Left Behind book series and was just as tragic and chaotic. I can relate to the characters' struggles. Almost each character is bothered by their individual "flashforward" experience. What's really interesting here is that everyone who experienced the flashforward is now like a "prophet". Each has their own vision. Most are shocking, some consider it a blessing or gift. All we have to do is wait for April 29 and all will be revealed.

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