Monday, April 19, 2010

War Games-LazerXtreme style

If you are a child back in the 80's, you maybe familiar with Lazer Tag. For those of you haven't, imagine this: playing playing Halo 3 for real! LazerXtreme, Manila's first Laser Tag arena, made that possible. How? You will be briefed with  a short video about the arena's rules of play and how to equip the vest and proper use of the laser gun attached to your vest.

The options are either free play or team play. Each round will run for 15 minutes. Once briefed, the door will open for the arena and you have less than a minute to position yourself strategically anywhere in the arena and the sensors and the laser becomes active. Once it's active, you will ave the longest 15 minutes of your life.You will shoot opposing players aimed at their sensors. Each player has active sensors to receive the laser's shot at the front back and the gun itself. Once hit, you will be inactive for 3 seconds. The equipment are also monitored individually throughout the whole round. After the round, you are required to leave the arena for the results of the round. You will be given individual evaluation sheets so you may know how many shots you fired, how many you hit, how many players you tagged, and how many hits you receive from each sensor you are wearing. LazerXtreme also has a lounge for dining purposes and a cafe.

Game Rates:
Regular rates:
Mon-Thurs PhP170 per person/game
Suceeding games 150. per person/game

Fri-Sun: 190. per person/game
Succeeding games 170. per person/game

Maximum of 30 players per game.

Exclusive rates:
Php4,760.00 for 30 players per game from Mon-Thurs.
5320.00 for 30 players per game from Fri-Sun.

What I like about this is the thrill and excitement when playing. You will feel the adrenaline rush inside you and have fun. But also be cautioned if you are not fit(meaning if you don't get exercises). You may going to have body aches the next day. I advise doing stretching first on your wake up routines.

LazerXtreme is located on Market Market!, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Watch out for the launch of a bigger LazerXtreme and more games at Alabang Town Center soon. For details, contact (632)8566467 or +639178529379. You can e-mail them at Check their website

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  1. LazerXtreme is a great way to bond with friends, not to mention its a great workout itself!

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