Sunday, April 25, 2010

Movie Review:Kick Ass

When I first saw the poster, I thought it was a spoofed Watchmen. It had the same shade. But when I saw the trailer, it was not like I expected for an R-18 movie. I was informed that it is based on a comic book. I was never updated with new comic book titles until I was told that it is still 9 issues fresh. I was surprised. I never expected a new comic book title with already had a movie in mind. If you have Mark Millar(Wanted) and John Romita,Jr.(of Marvel Comics) who are the creators, it would be a sure movie hit. Casting new actors are also good for the film. These young ones have promising careers ahead especially Chloe Moretz. Nicholas Cage is alright here since he is not taking the spotlight away from fellow casts.


Spoiler Alert!!

Alert!!! Spoiler!!!!

Cage plays Big Daddy, a costumed vigilante with sidekick/daughter Hitgirl, played by Chloe Moretz which I found exciting and disturbing at the same time. There's a reason why this was rated R. The violence in the film is really not for kids. The father-daughter relationship they have is the most weird. No father would raise a child like that. Unless insane. It was also a thought to me that Big Daddy/Damon Macready was no ordinary former cop. With his skills and how he trained his daughter, he looks more like a SWAT. The movie was an open ending. It was not sure if there's a sequel or not but as long as the comic book series is still running, I can only hope for the sequel.

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