Friday, April 9, 2010

InFocus Releases New Product Lines In Digital Projection

InFocus Corporation, the industry pioneer and global leader in digital projection technology, is debuting five new projectors (IN2100 & IN3100 series) to create new standard in rich features and high brightness for entry-level priced projectors.  InFocus guarantees increased zoom capabilities, detailed colors to ensure a brilliant image under any lighting conditions in schools or offices.

InFocus also announced their newest Screenplay home theatre projector, the InFocus SP8602. The new projector brings a cinematic experience in the comfort of your homes with its 300 inches of crisp, quality image. In addition of its main features, the SP8602’s outer design can be customize to the users’ preference with different skins. The skins allows the users to choose from matte black, matte white, glossy black, walnut or a desired custom finishes meaning you can have designs applied to your projector’s skin. This adds more expression and lifestyle for the users. With the innovation of 3D in cinemas, InFocus will not be left behind because the SP8602 is 3D ready. These new products also come with a 5-year limited warranty for lesser cost.

Eugene Lim, Asia Pacific Country Manager, said the new projectors are compatible to analog or digital equipment. Lim also discussed the key technologies and differentiators of the InFocus products and its commitment to quality with 5 years peace of mind warranty. He also guaranteed less power consumption when the projectors are on standby mode for those who are electricity-conscious. Eugene Lim also said that their IN2010 series’ main feature is that it can provide wireless connections for managing multiple projectors coming from the same image source. Eugene Lim also boasts that it can also run a presentation even without a PC by using a USB as a source.

American Technologies, Inc. or ATI is one of the major players in I.T. distribution industry today and has built a distinct reputation in product reliability with technical support excellence. ATI is constantly dedicated in building resilient I.T. infrastructures by providing the very best possible solutions in today’s complex networked world.

The press launch of InFocus new projectors was held last April 7, 2010 at Makati Shangri-la Hotel. To know more about InFocus’ newest line of projectors, go to

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