Saturday, April 17, 2010

Know Your Candidates:Ahon Party List

AHON Partylist is a party-list for OFWs(Overseas Contract Workers). There's no Filipino who is not acquainted or related to an OFW. When there's an incident abroad, that's were the action occurs. AHON believes that the action should take place as long as there are OFWs abroad, the action should be taking care of our OFWs to avoid trouble before it occurs. The word ahon is a symbolic word for the party list can be literally means "rise up" because that is what AHON envisioned for the country.

Here are their important programs/platforms:
1. Collateral-free loan up to P1million
2. Education-study now, pay later plan at college
3. Good and cheaper housing
4. Revive coconut levy funds to legitimate coconut farmers
5. "Good Governance" and decent jobs for the Filipinos

I affirmed this partylist because they highlighted "good governance". Without it, they can't do anything with the first four on the list. AHON emphasize that it does not only benefit the OFWs and their recipients but all Filipinos. AHON also found an ally in Mr. Lauro Visconde,an advocate of anti-crime who helps them in their campaign. If you found them favorable, they are number 52 in the ballot. Check them out at their facebook: AHON Partylist in Facebook

Check their video in this link

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