Thursday, April 22, 2010

Movie Review: Shutter Island

I am not a fan of Leo DiCaprio. But after being able to be part of movies like "The Man In The Iron Mask", I can see that he can also be choosy in roles. Most of the movies I see after that are really good. I just thought that after Titanic, he really is a serious professional actor. The movie I am featuring is no exception. The movie was a work by veteran director, Martin Scorsese. Most movie buffs who are familiar of Scorsese may recognized the background music from the start as his trademark. Most viewers should be prepared for Scorsese's brand of suspense-thriller. It will make you feel that your brain is twisting as the movie progresses.


Spoiler Alert!!

Alert Spoiler!!!

It was my first time to see Leo DiCaprio as a fallen character here. He may also pass as a tragic one. But that was the twist that make a climax essential.

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