Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Kiddo-Preneur Christmas Bazaar

Last quarter, I witnessed how the kids does business at Kiddo-Preneur Summer Bazaar held at Robinson Place Atrium. Now that Christmas season is fast approaching, it will be a perfect time to scout for your Christmas gifts or giveaways for the occasion. I've seen three sisters trying to sales talk to me about buying their products and they were quite convincing that I can't help but buy it.

I encourage everyone reading this blog to visit the 2014 Kiddo-Preneur Christmas Bazaar on November 23 at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive for the following reasons. First, it is a kid initiative. Most of the booths are being manned by kids with supervision of their adult guardians or parents. Second, you will see products that are made by these kids or products that this bazaar has and not available anywhere. Lastly, it is fun and this will encourage the kids to learn about being an entrepreneur at a young age.
Kiddo-Preneur Summer Bazaar early this year

The kids will learn from this experience about working hard to establish a business and will learn the value of money and save for it. It will also teach them to use portion of their earnings for charitable cause.

Your kid can also be part of this experience. If your kid is age 5 to 17 years old and has an interest in business, he/she will just present a business plan with the help of their Mom or Dad by contacting the KP Secretariat via their website, . The secretariat will provide a format for the business plan or just check the format in the web page.

The designated slot will be provided if your business plan is approved for the duration of the mall hours. Each slot will be provided with a table about 80 inches in width, 16 inches in length and 30 inches and two chairs. There are limited slots available. Each slot cost only P3,000.

Not only your kid's booth will be given exposure and earn from it but it will also be judged by the event organizers at the end of the day for the best booth on the following categories: Best booth design, Best Concept, Highest Sales and Best Service.

This is the fifth year of Kiddo-Preneur and the bazaars are held twice in a year. Check out Kiddo-Preneur website for more information. For more updates about Kiddo-Preneur, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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