Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Blog Exclusive: Team Mag-Ama

Part 1 of the Amazing Race Phils. feature

Amazing Race brought in a new innovation in reality shows which patterned many team building exercises. The franchise TV5 brought in television gave the show a local flavor not to mention the sights around the country.

I finally got to meet the eight remaining teams. After watching the current episode, I interviewed each team. The first team I interviewed was the father-son tandem.

AJ and Jody Soliva are both baseball players. Jody is playing since elementary and his dad is a coach and done many sports bonding ever since until college. Jody was a fan of the show which is why he joined but his friend backed out and his dad joined him instead. A father-son team is what the show needed to make it more appealing.

In the current episode before the interview, we saw this team arguing after the last obstacle. Dad AJ explained that they were both driven to win which is natural since they are both athletes. This is still a competition and they are a team.

Their tactic: Brains, physique and luck to win.. Their weakness is the to think under pressure. For the team, the only team that may keep them from winning Matt and Phoebe(Team Dating Couple) since they are winning every obstacle they encounter.

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