Thursday, October 16, 2014

WATTPAD PRESENTS four new stories

The internet brought new new innovations and one of it was telling stories. I read lots of published works that was discovered from online websites and online forums. When blogging first started, it also brought in many stories.

Wattpad was also instrumental about this stories. It is a venue for those who aspire to be authors but are not able to get their works published in a traditional manner. What's good about Wattpad, it is similar to forums and social networks which the reader who also opened an account will be able to interact by commenting.
Cast of batch 2's Wattpad Presents

It was also recently that some of these popular stories entered the cinematic world and TV5 was able to make four stories in their previous run of Wattpad Presents. TV5 now releases four new stories from Wattpad.

The four new stories that will come to life are The Savage Casanova, Fake Fiance, Diary Ng Hindi Malandi, and Dyepni. The selection of these stories is based on its readers stats.

The actors who will give life to its characters are Edward Mendez and Ritz Azul for Savage Casanova, Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica for Fake Fiance, Isabelle De Leon and Edgar Allan Guzman for Diary Ng Hindi Malandi(who got 3.5 million reads), and lastly; real-life couple and newly weds Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia in their first TV project, Dyepni.
TV5 Exec Ms. Wilma Galvante(Left)

Isabelle De Leon admits that she read the Wattpad story for reference while Alwyn Uytingco has a different opinion. Alwyn just read the script and read the story after the project was finished because he does not want to compare it to the book. But the TV5 executives assured the Wattpad readers that their stories are faithful to the books. Even the authors are present to show support during the press conference.

TV5's Wattpad Presents batch 2 of stories begins October 20 on its new timeslot at 9:30 PM after Amazing Race starting with Dyepni followed by The Savage Casanova on the 27th, Fake Fiance on November 3rd and ends this batch of stories with Diary Ng Hindi Malandi: Slight Lang on the 10th.

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