Saturday, October 25, 2014

Insights from the Professional Blogging Summit

When I first heard that there’s a blogging summit, I got interested with some topics that seemed beneficial to me since I am blogging for at least five years in the business. I have high ambitions for my blog and I need to learn more from the veterans since I worked with them in the past. Ms. Janette Toral used to give me blog assignments and Sai Sayson-Montes is a long-time friend and PR who invites me to her launch events.

What I really looking forward to is about getting clients although I am already getting some for my blog but I need to learn more. I arrived late from another event but I was able to catch up with the segment of another blogger Ross Flores sharing his controversies and what it has done to him. This segment also has Azrael Colladilla which I missed but I got to hear Jay-L Aquino who is doing social media marketing for an agency that handles celebrities.
Jay-L Aquino
I agree with Ross when he said that no one should go in between conflicts because it may just get you in trouble. It is better to stay out of it because I had similar incident before.

After hearing the bloggers’ presentations, it is time to hear the presentation from a PR. Mr. Jeoff Solas handles marketing for the host location A-Venue. He started with a question, why are we blogging? I agreed with his answer that we all bloggers wanted to share our passion. This is a refreshing presentation after the last segment shows what we should not do; this shows what we should do.

I also agreed that it is about engaging people. One way is to do your homework before attending an event. This shows that you are interested with the client. It is similar to prospecting or profiling. It also got me to evaluate myself as a blogger about my relationship with the PRs.  In my experience, I need to behave appropriately and show my contacts that I always do my part and in the same manner, maintain a mutual relationship with the PR contacts. This way, bloggers and PRs don’t take advantage of each other.

In another insight, Online Seller Sai Sayson-Montes offers her insight on how to market online especially when you sell your products. I learn a great deal about this since I also sell online. Similar to blogging, there is also stats called insights in Facebook pages that can be useful evaluate it just like in Google stats. 

In summary, my time during the summit is not a waste of time since I also gained ideas. The next step is application for what I learned. For more updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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