Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haiyan: After The Megastorm premieres Nov. 8 at Discovery

We've been hearing news about what happens in the Visayan region after Typhoon Yolanda especially in Tacloban. I got to watch a new documentary about Haiyan (International name of Yolanda) titled Haiyan: After The Megastorm.
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

Approximately seven months after the said typhoon, Discovery Channel visits the affected areas of Tacloban. Discovery with the help of local movie production Caelestis Productions Inc. and it took them two weeks on the set.

Most of us in the nation are shocked by what the typhoon did and no one can't comprehend the death toll so high and it took other nations to offer help in this crisis. British-Filipino VJ Trey Farley hosted to give us the first-hand view of Tacloban after Yolanda.

The story includes dialogue with mayor Alfred Romualdez; who is also a typhoon survivor himself, the remaining crew of a vessel that was swept to the shores, and other survivors. The documentary was first shown in public in Tacloban. Director Emile Guertin described to us over a phone conversation that no one in the whole venue left without being teary-eyed after watching the finished documentary.

What I like about the documentary was mentioned by Mayor Romualdez that this is a part of life and we have to move on. His house was also flooded and it was shown how they escaped the house. I knew Trey as a humorous host for a known music channel I am glad they chose him because the documentary shows his humor, limitation as a Fil-Brit mestizo. And in this time of coping up, maybe a smile and a little humor is what we just need to rehabilitate.

I also admire how Tacloban cope up with the tragedy. Especially the healing process of the children who are left as orphans. The documentary is not not a news feature that will point fingers on who to blame but it is just about the people. Mr. Guertin told me that they have a script it mind but the experiences in the documentary are very raw.

Haiyan: After The Megastorm premieres first in Discovery Asia on November 8 at 8:00 in the evening in all Southeast Asia including the Philippines and probably in other regional territories of Discovery in the future. For more updates on TV programming, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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