Wednesday, October 15, 2014

51 Talk crosses boundaries between cultures with English

English is one of the most common languages spoken internationally. It's no surprise that the Philippines provides the most number in human resource because we are fluent. Whether in school or the work place, English is the most spoken language of all Filipinos.
Delamar, Shu Ting(COO/Co-founder,51 Talk), Jim Paredes, Michelle Gumabao

Which is why foreign entrepreneurs invests in the country for this specific skill we have. Call Centers have been sprouted over all over the business districts  nationwide especially here in the Metro. In addition to this, services are also provided for those who can teach English to our Asian neighbors specifically to Koreans who invested their education just to study here.

Now that we have online resources, we are now able to teach via internet which is why 51 Talk is here. According to Ms. Sue Ting, COO of 51 Talk(pronounced as Five-One Talk not Fifty-One Talk), there is a lot of Chinese who desire to learn English and are willing to invest to learn online.

You need not to be an educator to be an online coach. You just need patience and driven with the initiative to teach. 51 Talk is already in operation and now they are introducing their three brand ambassadors.

Monster Radio RX 93.1's DJ Delamar co-hosts the program The Morning Rush is one of the people with wide influence I admire. Even though she uses English on air, she still gives an impact on what she says even if it was funny. Another brand ambassador has influence among the youth. Michelle Gumabao made a name for herself when she played volleyball for DLSU. The last brand ambassador is a political analyst and an activist in his own way. Mr. Jim Paredes is better known for his Apo Hiking Society.

I am glad that 51 Talk is here. China has a strong need of learning English at the convenience of being online but it also opens new job opportunities for those who like to be instrumental to teach English. This can also be done at the convenience of your home as long as there is a good internet connection. Together with the brand ambassadors, they will close the barriers and probably open a better working relations between our two countries.

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