Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5th Kiddo-preneur: These KIDS Means Business

It was a payday weekend last May 31 and it was a Saturday. Ideal for the masses to spend their buying spree at the mall but they will not expect the bazaar that took place at the Robinson's Place Midtown Activity Center.

This bazaar is run by kids selling kids-related stuff. I roamed over the exhibit areas and I noticed almost all booths are into the loom band trend like my niece. They displayed the best work they have in loom band products.

But what I find most unique was the booth that sells caterpillars. In this urban jungle, we rarely find these. The kid was orienting me about taking care of the caterpillar until it turns into a cocoon then a butterfly.

Another booth that looks promising run by sisters  selling the unique piggy bank where you can segregate the coins into different compartments so you can tell where are you going to use the savings for. Besides that, they are also orienting me about their mosquito repellent that looks like a science experiment.

Your kids also can have their booths in future bazaars of Kiddo-preneur. All they need is to present a business plan. This bazaar is also has a contest depending on the performance of each booth. One of the perks of these kids is that they also do field trips in major business establishments.

I am very impressed with the kids here. Not only that they are earning at an early age, this also helps them learn how their parents work hard to earn a living. Sadly, it was only a one day event but there will be another at the last quarter this year.

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