Friday, June 20, 2014

Phillips Unveils LEDiscovery: New and Creative Ways to use LED Lights

According to the Creation stories and the Big Bang Theory, the first thing was created was light. During the Phillips launch last June 19 in Mckinley Hill, Taguig; we were presented with different creative innovations for the LED light.

Presenting these new creative ways for the LED lights requires a good manner of theatrics. Which is why Gabe Mercado of SPIT hosted and presented the event to make it more entertaining. If you are familiar with the home of the future TV commercials in black and white, Phillips will actually make it happen.

The first innovation presented was the Solar Powered LED Lighting. I know that it is nothing new but imagine your lighting can be provided by Alternate Energy which is the sun. It can be flexible to any home or commercial establishment or even outdoors. This is ideal for those who are stricken by calamities who are still experiencing the absence of electricity in their temporary tent shelters.

For the ideal home of the future, the Phillips Hue can make you open your lights by using an android device or smartphones. All you need is a good internet Connectivity with a router. You can open your house lights wherever you are.

The Phillips Hue has an app that can be downloaded from the App store. You can also set the lights to turn on upon your arrival. It can also change the color of your lights. There are many possibilities with the Hue that you can experiment on. You can set the color to change upon changes of weather.

Have you ever got trouble looking for the light switch in the dark? The Antumbra series is designed to have a user interface and their switches lit up depending on the demand of the user. The switches can be activated in a touch but still offers the traditional button option.

LED Lighting can also be used like works of art. Phillips was responsible for installing the LED light system at the Empire State Building that can attract New Yorkers all over the city. Imagine if we can have something like this in our own famous structures. I am imagining one of our famous landmarks can adapt this technology and what a show will it become. The Color Kinetics will make any structure a lights show display.

The most ideal LED technology for me is the combination of light and textile. These Luminous Textile Panels can be stylish and convenient because the light source will be coming from the walls. Another fancy display is the LED Mirror. The mirror itself has lights that can be adjusted when you stand it front of it. The lights also provides a clearer view for your eyes to look at.

Another stylish and artistic LED technology displayed was the Living Sculpture. The LED panels can be programmed to move using the app device installed at your room. These LED lights can be available upon ordering at your nearest Phillips store. The Phillips people can demonstrate to you how it works and they assured it's D.I.Y. meaning it can be installed with limited supervision.

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