Monday, June 9, 2014

Corporate Giveaways 2014

When I got invited to events like expos, some booths have gimmicks and sometimes gives you tokens for signing up or some credit card dealers inside the mall who wants you to open an account and gives you a complimentary item. Most of the usual tokens are ballpens that most of the time, is already dried of ink, umbrellas is not durable enough after one or two rainfalls and among other things. but the point is these items are customized with the company logo.

At Corporate Giveaways 2014, the booths will sample of many ideas or items that can be fancy and appealing for you to choose. The options are infinite since it can also be creative. But the good thing is the quality and not quantity matters in these companies that provides these giveaways.

During the press conference with the organizers, it was also showcased the different options or items that can be given for tokens. For the tech stuff, the options are not limited to USB flash drives. I admit it is one of the usual tokens I got since the soft copy of the press materials are stored there and I already have lots since then. I was told that it was already outdated since some are starting to giveaway other tech devices like power banks.

Besides loot backs, the options also got bigger. I saw some travelling bags that can be fancy enough for corporate people. The most creative was the presentation of wines as giveaways. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more options to see during the Corporate Giveaways which will be held on July 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center. Although it is free to public, the target audience is the potential clients and not the walk-ins. You will be ask to fill up the form which also includes the type of work and the company you represent. You can also register online at to lessen the hassle. This is the 27th year for the Buyer's Show.

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