Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dragonica is now in the Philippines

Dragon slayers, ASSEMBLE! Dragonica, the newest MMORPG is now in the Philippines' gaming network. Dragonica is like your regular role playing game but with different features. It also provides a 3D environment and the characters are all in super deformity that they may look cute. It can be moved 8-way scrolling and you can use a game pad for better controls.
Dragonica Installer

Besides the quests and the market place where you can buy, trade, interact with other players, Dragonica offers you to interact with other players by PVP or player-versus-player ala Streetfighter. Don't be surprised if you get challenged by one of the players during your quests. Tip: Do more combinations, the more experience points, you gain.
Sample Combo

In addition to the features, you can also date players, raise a pet, and design your own living quarters. E-Games also suggests that it is best played with Red Fox game pad. What's the story behind Dragonica? It all started with an evil witch named Paris unleashed a powerful dragon. This dragon, will unleashed destruction unless there's a band of heroes to stop it from happening and that's where you, the player, comes in. You can choose a class of player from warrior, archer, mage, or thief. When you reached level 20, your player can upgrade to a new classes to choose from.
Stephanie Licauco(Dragonica Account Manager)gives a background on Dragonica

Dragonica was first started in Korea and has been played in China, Taiwan, Russia, U.S.A., Europe. Check out Dragonica Phils. official website

Dragonica Press Release with Game developer Stanley Cheong(middle)

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