Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sound Trip: Tanya Markova

June 29, 2010 Makati, Metro Manila. MCA Music launches Tanya Markova's album of the same name with their hit single, Picure Picture. The band is known for their trademark clown make up and colorfully diffent costumes. The band roster includes vocalists Harlon Agsaoay aka Norma Love, Gel Pilar aka Iwa Motors, back up singer Pipoy Alejandro aka Mowmow, who adds comic relief with his signaure moves, keyboardist Jasper Borbajo aka Heart Abunda, drummer Edu Broce aka Ruffa Mae Milby, Rhan Sabas aka Rez Curtis(axeman), bassist Kix Chavez aka Skrobak Iskopanjo, lead guitarist EJ Guevarra aka Jennylyn Sucaldito. The songs in this 20-track album were wrtten by Norma Love and Iwa Motors. The songs were arranged in this order like it's telling a story.The music genre was a variety of metal and pop which they identfied as "Shockpop". The album in now available at your nearest record bar. Watch out for their appearances in the malls, radio and TV shows. Visit them on their Facebook for updates. Here's the link: Tanya Markova

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