Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cross-Cultural Dining Experience at Namaste India

Namaste! A Hindu gesture representing the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us. "Nama" means bow, "as" means I, "te" means you.

I am always fascinated with the Indian Culture. Besides that they have the oldest existing religion and a local Indian community here in the Philippines. My first roommate in campus was from India. I got a chance to to dine at Namaste India to try out if I had what it takes to endure their spicy dishes since I also like spicy foods. Namaste provides the authentic Indian dishes in a Western style dining. Trivia:Chicken Curry is originally an Indian dish.

For starters,  try to begin tasting their appetizers. I suggest the Chicken Tikka. Tikka is an Indian term for barbecue. The Chicken Tikka is boneless and is sauteed with herbs, mild spices and tomatoes, butter and cream. The Boneless Chicken Tikka is only Php225.00
For the vegetarian, I suggest the Golden Cauliflower. Deep fried with herbs and spices for only PhP160.00.

For us Filipinos, these appetizers can be taken already as a meal but wait till you see the main course. You have the choice to eat with Pullow. The Kashimiri Pullow is an Indian rice cooked with green peas, herbs, with driy nuts. 

Another choice is the Naan which is an Indian bread similar pita bread of the Mediterranean and is made fresh everyday. I suggest you have both the Naan and the Pullow. Try the Buttered Naan for added flavor for only PhP70.00.

For the main course to go with your Naan and Pullow, one selection I tried was the Machchi. It is fish in spices for only PhP225. The Machchi is good with your Naan.

If you need to neutralize the spices of the dishes, I suggest you order the Lassi, an Indian yogurt drink that comes with strawberry, mango and other flavors for only PhP80.00.

For desserts, I tried the Gulab Jamun, cheeseballs dipped in syrup. Trust me that it's really yummy and it's only PhP80.00. The Kulfi is a home-made Indian ice cream with nuts and pistachio(PhP125.00). I never taste anything like it in an ice cream. The Chai or milk tea is also a treat that smells good as it taste creamy for only PhP80.00.

You don't have to go to India to experience a traditional Indian culture. You can dine at Namaste for you to experience it. Namaste India is located at Unit 1A Kensington Place 1st ave, cor. 29th st., Burgos Circle Cresent Part West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and is open from 9AM-11PM. You can contact them at 4036088 or their mobile number at 0917.8649729.

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