Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food Trip: Panciteria Lido

Panciteria is  a Filipino original tradition just like the pizza parlors to the West. Panciteria is a rare Filipino tradition that you rarely see in an urban setting. But in the provinces, there's a lot of it. Panciteria Lido has been here since 1936. First opened in Chinatown,Binondo, the original branch no longer in operation but it opened new branches for everyone to "pig" out. It was named Panciteria LIDO after it's original cook then removed the Panciteria name and later named back to it's original name. Panciteria Lido is a mixed of a Chinese restaurant and a Westernized cafe because of the brewed coffee called the LIDO coffee and their hot chocolate.

Panciteria LIDO is known for its Pugon-Roasted Asado. It's common knowledge that pugon gives flavor for pandesals but also works for the asado as well. The Pugon-Roasted Asado is only P267.00

The Chami Special not like a dry pansit. it has a saucy texture that leaves you craving. This type of pansit is an old Chinese dishes. The Chami special is only P185.00

The Drunken-Lechon Macau is a must try. It is marinated with wine for flavor before cooked. It's a mix cooking discipline of East and West.  The Drunken-Lechon Macau is only P275.00

For side dishes, the Poached Tofu is a good choice. What I like about the Poached Tofu is that it easily goes to your taste buds The sauce of the Poached Tofu was absorbed. The Tofu itself was light in the mouth and soft.  A must for vegetarians for only P105.00

For short orders, I suggest the Shrimp Balls. it can be treated as a snack or a viand with a sweet sauce for only P275.00

The Steamed Fish Fillet Soy Sauce is another healthy dish to consider for the health conscious. It is already presented sliced and you don't have bones to worry about. For only P255.00

In addition to the Chinese dishes, what makes it stands out from other Chinese restaurants is that they have Western touch. Like I said, they serve the LIDO Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Their Hot Chocolate is so rich in chocolate that if you mixed it with another cup of hot water, it's still yummy. Drink it while it's still hot. The Hot Chocolate is only P70.00 and the LIDO Coffee is only P65.00

Since it's still a panciteria, they still have other choices like Pancit Canton, Bihon Guisado, and Miki Bihon. They also serve Mami. Breakfast dishes is also served for a limited time and for dine-in only(7:30-1030AM). Some of their breakfast selections comes with their complimentary LIDO Coffee. They still have other short orders varieties from beef, pork, fish, and vegetables and they also have choices for Rice Toppings. Pansiteria LIDO also delivers from 10AM - 9PM for the minimum amount of P300.00 within the 1.5km radius by calling 4145436.

Pansiteria LIDO is now offering franchise opportunities. Panciteria LIDO guarantees high return on investment since most the customers are Chinese, who usually dines at Pansiteria LIDO. Pansiteria LIDO assures their customers that they have no added MSG. Pansiteria LIDO is located at ground level of Capital Tower, E. Rodriguez,Sr. ave., New Manila just across Trinity College. Watch out for the opening of its new branch in Ground Floor, JOHVER Bldg. 1, 23 President’s Avenue, BF Commercial Plaza, BF Homes, Paranaque City on August 8, 2010.

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