Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

Leo DiCaprio is not my favorite actor but his acting has improved as the years pass and he chooses his roles well. Inception is a very good movie that can stimulate your mind without boring. you. This is a good movie to put what you learn in Psychology 101 in good use. Christopher Nolan had favoritism in some characters that was also part of The Dark Knight but he cast them with care in the story. The good thing about this movie that there were still comic moments and the climax that will keep you focused till you can breathe easy in the concluding part. For me, this is the best movie this year has to offer. I am hoping that Nolan will write a follow up story of the reality he created. I am also looking forward for it's nomination for the Academy. Inception opens in all Philippine cinemas on July 15, 2010. Brought to you by Warner bros.

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