Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ASUS 2010 World Gamemasters Tournament

ASUS held a gaming tournament using their ASUS Notebook for playing StreetFighter 4 and Call of Duty 4. For individual games like Street Fighter 4, they are using the N61Jv Notebook while for team play gaming like Call of Duty 4, they are using P7P55DLE motherboard with 8 finalist and 4 teams. 

The media also take part in the media category of the tournament of which I also took part. I used to play Capcom's Streetfighter before but it was the first time I played it in a PC console and I find it smooth despite the advancement of the game features.  The N61Jv is the world's first Notebook with Optimus technology and is powered by an IntelCore i5 processor.

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