Monday, May 31, 2010


I first knew about AyosDito from an advertisement in an online social network. I got interested because I need to sell some of my things online because I needed the money and AyosDito is the only online classified ad site that is closer to the local online community. It would be a hassle for me if I deal with an inquiry that is out town or even out of the country. 

I already posted of selling comics, books, magazines, action figures and other collectibles. I already succeeded in selling one magazine, a set of comic digest and an action figure. There were also ad I made to sell upon the request of my friend's to sell his collectibles using the site.

In my experience in selling online, not all items I was able to sell. There was the only time that I selling one rare magazine that a potential buyer who already agreed to buy it but didn't come to the time and place where we agreed. Not all potential buyers where like that though. Another buyer bought my action figure which was still being inquired online.

Not all ads posted are for sale. There's an apartment for rent ad in AyosDito that can only be paid but not owned. But the good part is it's free and whether you made a sale or not online, be glad you don't have an investment on this.

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