Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Hands-On Experience of a SPArty at Organic Rituals

When it comes to parlors or spas like these, I usually not into it because,first, I am a man. Second, I thought this is no place for a guy to hang out. After all, when it comes to individual interests, men and women have different perspectives on where to hang out. Guys are aware the priority of grooming but we thought this is too much for us because it's too girly and if we ever were within the vicinity, our state of manhood will be questionable.Period.

But after watching shows like Queer Eye, I made a new perspective of health spas. Upon invitation of another blogger, I gave it a shot to say yes not only because it's a free privilege. It's the first time I heard of the word sparty-a hybrid word of spa and party. This is also another another perspective I have in thought that this was not an exclusive thing. Before, I thought that women goes to spas and parlors because these are the places were they can talk gossip without being around men. I was proven wrong.

At Organic Rituals, it was not only about grooming and socializing, it was also a place for health concerns. There are healthy benefits for everyone, not just the women. They offer natural products that are not chemically harmful to our health and it was also a nice place to chill and relax and socialize as well. I never thought I could enjoy this atmosphere for just hanging out. Besides that, there is also a resident nutritionist available for consultation.

Organic Rituals offers services like Long-Wear Manicure, Long-Wear Pedicure, Pampered Hands and Rescued Feet and more. For body treatments, there are Pure Back, Skin Glow, Body Detox, Whisk Away Salt Scrub, Totally Scrubbed and different massages. The rates of these healthy services ranges from Php 150.00 - 1200.00 You can also arrange spa party packages like what we did to make your spa experience enjoyable to you and your friends. What I appreciate about the place is that it provides the atmosphere of relaxation:the furnishing, color, mood, even the music is relaxing. It has this monastic touch because the spa is Zen inspired.

If you wish to avail of these services,contact Organic Rituals at 661-3101 for appointments.

Organic Rituals is located at Mezzanine floor,Atlanta Center 31 Annapolis st., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

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