Saturday, May 8, 2010

LG Continues The Cookie Revolution

LG is now adding new flavors in their cookie series. Make that three choices. The latest Cookie phone series comes with touch screen experience and more upgraded smart features with slimmer models units.

First choice is the Cookie Wi-fi. It's Wi-fi lets you have fast connectivity with it's 3" touch-enabled screen and has multimedia options like the Dolby Mobile right at your fingetips.

Next one is the Cookie Ultima, a 3G phone that also comes with Wi-fi connectivity and 3" touch screen and a 5 megapixel camera.

The last of the Cookie phones is the Cookie Pop. Don't be fooled by it's cute, small size because it comes also with the same 3" touch screen, web browser and easy to use interface.

These Cookies are already available at a reasonable prices ranges from Php 7,990 to Php10,990 at your nearest phone store and mobile network outlet. The previous Cookie phones like the KP500 and other premium phone are still available. To get more information about the new Cookie phones, go to LG's web site:

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