Sunday, May 2, 2010

Krispy Kreme Wants You to DOugh Your Part

Krispy Kreme,the home of the original glazed donuts, calls out to everyone of voting age to make your vote count this election. Last April 29, KK announces that on May 8, the limited edition donuts will be available only until May 10, the day of elections to remind us all to vote.

 For everyone, it will be an adjustment for both for those who are going to vote and for the first time voters because of the new ballot forms. Krispy Kreme also feels the need to educate voters for those who are still confused by this through ordering donuts the election way. It's easy. Shade the your order of choices. Then submit it to the counter. Just that simple.

To make your voting smooth and no hassle, here's what you can do:
Organize your choice of candidates in respective positions before you go to your designated precint.
For lists of candidates in position of senator, list your choices in alphabetical manner so it will make it faster.
Arrive early on your designated precint on May 10 as it opens on time.

For the big day itself, Krispy Kreme has a treat for voters everywhere. On or before May 10, add yourself on Krispy Kreme's online spokesperson Chloe on Facebook.

On May 10 election day after you vote, go to your nearest Krispy Kreme along with your coupon and show your fingernail with an indelible ink. You will be given a free Krispy Kreme Orange You Glad Chiller. A nice Krispy Kreme reward for your effort to make a difference by voting.

This Krispy Kreme promo was launched last April 29 at Krispy Kreme Bonifacio High Street branch. Hosted by RJ Ledesma.

Remember,voting is not a privilege but a right. On May 10, take advantage of your given right. DOugh your part. Vote wisely.

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