Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No To Crumpled Dreams

Last April 29, a campaign,"No To Crumpled Dreams" was launched by Dream Builders, a group of mothers whose aim is to give the best preventive health care to for every Filipino. Together with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Dream Builders strive to fight the cause of death among Filipino children-- Pneumoccocal Diseases or PDs. With this campaign, Dream Builders will try to prevent PDs from destroying lives of the children by promoting awareness to the parents.

 PDs affects children under the age of two. Children dies of PDs because they weren't able to received preventive measures when they contracted the diseases when they were two years of age

In order to sustain this advocacy, the Dream Builders and GSK in partnership with Powerplant Mall, organized an exhibit of artwork by Ma. Isabel Lopez, Evangeline Pascual, Jao Mapa and original bags and accessories by Banglos and more. The exhibit items were sold and the proceeds will go to the Dream Builders. The event was hosted by Amy Perez.

Works by Ma. Isabel Lopez(2nd from the right) with Evangeline Pascual(2nd from the left)

Evangeline Pascual

Jao Mapa(not present during the event)


Rags to Riches

Benjamin Cabrera(not present) 

"No to Crumpled Dreams" is the first among the many campaigns that the Dream Builders will lead in order to battle these threats against health of Filipino children.
The Dream Builders are composed of medical professionals and mothers wanted to stop the spread of PDs in the country. They work hand in hand with local institutions and GSK in order to spread awareness and proper prevention against PDs.

You too can help spread awareness. Here are the facts about PDs:

1.Pneumococcal diseases ranges from serious life-threatening diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia and bacteraemia to less severe but more commonly diagnosed diseases such as otitis media (middle ear infection) sinusitis, and bronchitis.

2.Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) infection can cause serious life threatening PDs and permanent disabilities to children.

3.Middle Ear infection or Otitis media (OM) is one of the frequently diagnosed diseases in infants and chldren which can lead to developmental delays. Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) and S. pneumoniae are the leading causes of acute otitis media (AOM) in children under five years old.

4.Those who survive PD may have impaired quality of life in the future because of it's long-term effects such as learning disabilities, hearing loss, mental retardation, and paralysis.

5. S. pneumoniae serotypes 1, 5, and 7F have been associated with high levels of invasiveness and causing a significant proportion of severe invasive pneumococcal diseases (IPD) among children.

6.GSK's innovative pneumococcal non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) protein D conjugate vaccine (PhiDCV) offers broader protection against PDs such as meningitis, sepsis, bacteremiae and pneumoniae. It substantially reduces burden of IPDs and AOM, offering additional health benefits and cost reductions.

To know more about PDs, consult your pediatrician and help spread the word.

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