Friday, May 7, 2010

Movie Review: The Last Song

Plot:For troubled teenager like Veronica "Ronnie" Miller(played by Miley Cyrus), the last thing she needs is a summer with her estranged father(Greg Kinnear) whom she hadn't seen after the divorce with her scheming little brother(Bobby Coleman).

Review: It was only upon watching this movie that I learned that this was an adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks' novels. What I found out that Nicholas Sparks is also a co-screenplay for this movie. It's not usual for a novelist to write a screenplay of his original story for a movie. The story turned out well for the movie. I can't comment yet in a viewpoint of a book fan since I haven't read any Sparks novel but I have reason to believe that Sparks is pleased with it since he has direct influence in the production.

The casting. A Miley Cyrus movie is not what I expect to watch. I don't watch her show, Hannah Montana since I am not the intended audience for it and it doesn't interest me. I figured watching this movie will make me see more of Miley Cyrus in it than the movie itself. I was proven wrong. Miley didn't take away the spotlight from fellow actors. For the character of Ronnie, it was as if the role was made for Miley Cyrus. Ronnie is not like Hannah Montana like I was expecting. I never thought Miley Cyrus could leave the wholesome Disney teen image for a serious role but not explicitly mature. Kinnear shared some comic moments for the movie but young Bobby Coleman has made a mark for laughs in the movie without getting much attention.

The story. It's a typical Nicholas Sparks story. Set in a quiet, small town. A tragic character. Family,first love, second chances and salvation. But most of all, its a tearjerker so bring something to wipe those crocodile tears but will make you feel good before leaving the cinema. A good film with quality and values for everyone.

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