Thursday, September 1, 2016

A September with a Twist on Discovery Channel

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Who says science is boring? Discovery Channel will strike ‘boring’ out of your vocabulary this month with high-standard factual entertainment and programs which will definitely give you some good laughs.

September on Discovery Channel kicks off with a show that is designed to tackle basically…everything. The first season of HOW TO BUILD EVERYTHING will take audiences through how to build a state-of-the-art laser-guided cow milking machine, to the designs behind a 20-story cruise ship, to the transition of a tandem vibratory roller aka steam roller aka a cartoon bunny-flattening machine, and a ton of other mind-blowing engineering marvels. All these, plus a couple of witty commentaries inserted here and there, are rolled into one show.

The new series features a cast of whip-smart and hilarious personalities including: comedian and former airplane mechanic Alonzo Bodden, science communicator and bug expert Alie Ward, real-life doctor and Jane the Virgin’s Keller Wortham, Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, tech expert and futurist Veronica Belmont, mad inventor Eric Gradman, astronaut Leland Melvin, and so many more.

Augmented with CGI, the brilliant commentators will take the viewers through each build, while a retro-style test lab demonstrates scientific concepts.

Do not miss out on How To Build Everything as it premieres September 7, and airs every Sunday thereafter at 9pm.

From the lab, Discovery Channel goes over the internet to hunt for the world’s top 20 YouTube videos featuring home-made science stunts and experiments. In each episode of the fourth season of YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, a fast-paced countdown of the cleverest, funniest, most daring, or just downright bizarre clips, is sure to come.
Photos courtesy of Discovery Channel
Each episode revolves around a theme, along with an explanation and breakdown from some of the world’s best science experts. With the help of amazing storytelling graphics, the expert panel explains the whathow and why of the science that made these clips possible.

What outrageous footage can viewers expect? Visualize a Brazilian man who can hold his breath for more than 20 minutes, or tiny helicopters that can lift a woman in Germany, or maybe the Finnish man who can fly with his own rocket boots. That is the kind of clever and daring that is expected to happen as You Have Been Warned premieres September 14, and airs Wednesdays at 8.10pmonly on Discovery Channel.

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