Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alviera Celebrates Halloween with Alviera Hero Camp

As far as I remember, I always go to Ayala night spots in Makati and the Ayala property in Alabang for Halloween. It is fun wearing costumes you like because you can be free in choosing your own costumed identity during this day.

For Alviera, this is the time of the year to celebrate Halloween in style because they are having their first Hero Camp in Alviera property in Porac, Pampanga. Just like Nuvali in Laguna, Alviera Pampanga is ideal for nature tripping outdoor activities.

It will be a family event for two days on a weekend (October 15 to 16) where you can dress up your favourite superhero. There will be fun activities like making your own masks and more.

Speaking of outdoor activities, it is also the venue for fun activities in Sandbox Adventure Park. Here, you can experience being super with the archery range, roller coaster zipline, giant swing, etc.

Since this is also a camp, it will also provide a crash course in Hero 101. There will be martial arts/self-defense workshops, survival training and more. At night, there will be a Parade of Heroes and some trick or treating. Then later, you will enjoy superhero flicks in the outdoor movie screenings under the night skies. Speaking of the night skies, you can also enjoy stargazing as astronomers from The Mind Museum will orient you and make you appreciate celestial bodies.

You may choose to be a DAY ADVENTURER or a WEEKEND CAMPER. If you only wanted to take part but not going overnight, the package fee costs P2,100. But if you are going to camp out, the package cost P2,950.

Here are some suggestions for the duration of the Hero Camp:
  • Bring only what you can use for the duration of the camp. Pack light.
  • Maximize your time for the activities.
  • Although the activities are safe, it is still best to know safety procedures.
  • Cooking your own food within camping grounds is not allowed for safety reasons. But there will be concessions in the vicinity.
  • Make sure you have lots of water or drinking fluids.  Avoid dehydration.
  • In case of emergency, there is an in-house doctor or nurse and an ambulance on stand-by.
  • Even though you pay for the camp, we are also heroes of the environment. Make sure you clean up the area or throw your trash to designated areas. Be a hero for Mother Earth.
  • Even though there are martials around to make sure the camp is safe, make sure you attend to your kids at all times be aware of their whereabouts.
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