Thursday, September 29, 2016

Co-Work Space: The New Working Lifestyle in this Digital Millennium

The workplace varies now because of today’s technological mobility and communication. I remember a TV plug years ago that shows this example. Two guys hanging out on a beach when they suddenly had a call from their mobile phone and suddenly they shifted to work mode.  It was revealed that they were consulted and answered an inquiry and they also have their laptops with them. After the inquiry, they are back to relaxation.
Left to Right: Penbrothers Operations Manager Eshna Esu, Business Development Manager for Dell Phils. Michelle Juliano, IT Trainer John Irwin Magno, Microsoft Phils. Innovative Enterprises Lead Tovia Va'aelua and Commercial Marketing Lead Frank Rich
You may not find it a suitable workplace but it is not far from happening. The business office are now getting smaller than you imagine not just in office space but also There are co-working spaces where you can see that different kind of businesses are operating under one roof. Don’t be surprise if one table occupies different services offered.

Co-working Spaces enables an entrepreneur operates in a minimal working space like a desk or shared tables but with wide contacts around the same room. If an entrepreneur is offered a project, the amount of resources may be just across the room or within a mobile phone call away. One example of a co-working space is Pen Brothers in Makati.

Microsoft recently introduced Office 365 and it shows how practical it is and ideal to co-working spaces like Pen Brothers. The idea of co-working spaces is suitable with the Office 365 that is why together with Dell Philippines, partnerships like these are very convenient.

What I appreciate about co-working spaces is the mobility of working even if you are alone in the business. All you just need is a space to work on, a computer, mobile connection and you are set but it also helps deliver the services rendered to the client.

I was oriented and briefed about Pen Brothers and how Office 365 can do wonders for the co-working space environment in this millennium. For more updates, follow this blog and like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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