Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moymoy Lulumboy series draws out family’s interest in reading

After two books, once again Moymoy Lulumboy launches its third book at the recent Manila International Book Fair. I became an instant fan since I was invited for the first book launch and now I am excited with the third book.

Author Segundo Matias, Jr.; or Kuya Jun to some; said that he does not know if there will be a sequel but if ever, someone can continue telling Moymoy’s world in another medium. Perhaps animation or theatrical productions. Live action? Probably if the production is good in SFX like in Hollywood.

Wait, why is he talking like this? Is this the end of the story arc? Is Moymoy only a trilogy? Then I recalled Jun Matias said during the first book launch. If the book is received well by the readers, then I will write a sequel.

Jun Matias created Moymoy from a dream and draw his own childhood experience for the title character. During this launch, I got to meet a fellow fan both father and daughter who also are instant fans. The father is a teacher. He told me that he saw the book in a book store and was caught by the concept. Since then, they also attend the launch yearly.
Author Jun Matias(L) and illustrator Jomike Tejido(R)

Never since Harry Potter book series had that created mutual reading interest among the family. The father told me that the book was so unique and has class standards that he also recommends it to his students. He even saw one of his students in line to get a book copy signed.

Moymoy Lulumboy Ang Batang Aswang revives the Filipino folklore and made it more contemporary. Whether Moymoy comes to life in other mediums or continues in print, Moymoy Lulumboy truly made a mark in Pinoy fiction that will continue to draw more stories in the future. Jomike Tejido illustrates the books series.

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