Thursday, August 25, 2016

The New Silk Road: The Ancient Trading Route Revisited

Back then; this is the only trading route that is not just about trading but also the source of exchanging knowledge and bridging cultures. This route was interrupted many times because of many wars that occurred.
Professor Zhang Yuyan
Long before the Spaniards colonizers, there was an existing trading relation between China and the Philippines. Back to the present, I was invited to attend at forum at Asian Institute of Management or AIM in Makati City to hear Professor Zhang Yuyan to present China's Economy of Global Context.

Before you react first, you heard it right. I said China. But Professor Zhang is an economist. He speaks here in an economic perspective. I am not going to bore you with the technical details, I will just narrate the sequence, Prof. Zhang narrated the economic situation of China as well as how it affects the world economy.

From this, he is able to present a plan for economic growth not just for China but for the world. He suggests reviving the Silk Road and taking advantage of the digital technology that we have. This will not only contribute to economy but it may also help build bridges and understand each other culturally just like in the old Silk Road.

Who knows, this may also be the key to end any conflicts we are currently in. This is the kind of topics that is discussed in AIM. It may be controversial but it also helps widen our perspective. For more forums like these, feel free to inquire at AIM or receive updates from this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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