Monday, November 30, 2015

SM Mall Of Asia hosting Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament

When I got to watched a ice-skating competition at Mall Of Asia, I asked myself if there will be a chance that we can have our own hockey team. When I got invited to see the new skating rink outside the mall, SM is hosting their first hockey league event.

Not only that, the hockey tournament is participated by different countries who are just as excited to see the new hockey rink. There are different leagues by age group. When I got to see the oldest age group, I got excited because they are the ones who really breed hockey.

Not only that we got to have our own hockey team, there will also be changes. Mall of Asia has a new skating rink. The reason is not just for the competitors of hockey team and the figure skaters to have a professional rink. Having a rink inside the mall is not advisable since the mall is still open and the ice is not secured enough for the ice not affected in the bigger space of the mall. It has to be confined in a smaller space just right for the skating rink so they built a new one in the parking lot between The Arena and SMX. The old rink inside the mall will be removed.

Not only that we have a new rink, hockey teams within the Southeast Asia are not only excited to compete for the PIHT but also excited to try the new rink. But the best part of the game is witnessing a real hockey match the way the American teams does. I saw how strong they hit the puck against the wall. They even got slammed against the wall. This is the first time I saw a team sport with more physical contact.

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